Risk Management

If you have employees, you carry a certain amount of risk. Do you have a strategy to manage that risk?

If not, you should and we can help identify areas that could save you money.

If you do, how do you measure your results? Having a process in place to analyze and adjust your plan based on the data is key.


Defining and implementing programs, such as pre-placement screening, alcohol and drug screening and wellness programs as a part of your strategy is important. What may be most important is the integration of these programs across all corporate functional areas and vendors. Ongoing analysis, maintenance and management from higher than a local level is also key.


There is a way to minimize the risk to your business and responsibly look after employee welfare, Precision Occupational Health Management can help.


  • Human Resources Policy / Health & Safety Standard Development and Implementation
  • Worker's Compensation Program Medical Management and Claim Consultation / Review
  • Disability Program (FML, STD and LTD) Medical Management and Claim Consultation / Review


Who is looking out for you and your employees best interests?

  • Alcohol and Drug Testing / Medical Review
  • Pre-placement Occupational Health Assessment of New Hires
  • OSHA Regulatory Medical Surveillance Program Implementation and Management
  • Clinical Review of Employees Eligible for Administrative Termination


Know the facts with a trusted professional managing these reviews.

  • Telephonic Assessment & Triage of Work-related Injuries
  • Foreign Travel Immunization Recommendations / Duty of Care Medical Assistance Coordination
  • Medical Record Maintenance and Security
  • Temporary Agency / Contractor Requirements