Health & Welfare

Are your employees using the benefits they are entitled to and you are paying for?

If no, what and why you should do something about it.

If yes, is your workforce more productive?


Preventative measures can reduce or even eliminate the potential for serious health threats. Not only is it the right thing to do for your employees, but encouraging employees to take full advantage of the health benefits given to them also affects productivity, which affects the daily and long term operation of your business.


  • Disability Program (FML, STD and LTD) Medical Management and Claim Consultation / Review
  • Health & Welfare Plan Development and Clinical Guidance


This doesn’t happen on its own. A strong plan can guide your business toward cost savings and a healthy workforce

  • Wellness Program Development & Implementation
  • Executive Management Health & Wellness Program Development, Implementation and Medical Consultation


This should be a fiduciary responsibility of your company

  • Pre-placement Occupational Health Assessment of New Hires


Are results being coordinated with your benefits vendors to maximize employee productivity from the start?

  • Foreign Travel Immunization Recommendations / Duty of Care Medical Assistance Coordination

Are your employees medically prepared for foreign travel? D
o those that travel to foreign countries know how to navigate the healthcare system of those countries?


  • Educational and Training Presentations