Health & Safety

The health and safety of your workforce go hand in hand. Having a plan that not only addresses safety standards, but integrates all health programs across the business is a key element of what Precision can do for your company. 


  • Health & Safety Standard Development and Implementation

  • Worker's Compensation Program Medical Management and Claim Consultation / Review

  • Fitness-for-Duty Determinations of Employees either returning from leave of absence or currently at work

  • OSHA Regulatory Medical Surveillance Program Development, Implementation and Management

  • Clinical Review of Incident Work-relatedness, Fraud Detection


Could this incident have been prevented through pre-assessments? Training?


Is an alleged incident clinically plausible? Do you have to take the hit on your OSHA log?


  • Telephonic Assessment & Triage of Work-related Injuries

  • Emergency Medical Response/AED Program Development and Implementation

  • Educational and Training Presentations

  • Temporary Agency / Contractor Requirements