Health & Productivity

Are you performing pre-placement assessments? 

If not, why you should be and what benefit it is to your company.

If you are, what are you doing with the results?

Are you getting the most from your vendors? From every functional area?


Ensuring you find the right employee for the right job can be a difficult, time consuming and expensive process.  Make sure that investment is the right one by having an effective pre-placement assessment program in place. 


  • Integration of workers compensation, disability, EAP and health insurance programs
  • Disability Program (FML, STD and LTD) Medical Management and Claim Consultation / Review
  • Health & Welfare Plan Development and Clinical Guidance
  •  Wellness Program Development & Implementation


Most employees don’t understand their health benefits. Why you want to ensure that they do and how it can benefit your company.


  • Pre-placement Occupational Health Assessment of New Hires
  • Merger and Acquisition Integration


Which programs are suitable for the newly combined business? Which are most cost  effective and  offer the most benefit to employees?