Occupational Health

Do you have a centralized occupational health program?

If not, you could be spending much more than you need to and still not get what you are paying for. 


Whether you have a centralized or distributional management model, a standardized operational model will lead to better performance and ROI. The Distributional management model often results in inconsistencies of approach and application which can lead to ineffective results, insufficient support of your benefits network, excessive costs and legal exposure. 


An experienced MD with proven expertise in occupational health and process management overseeing health programs ensures operational goals and objectives are met through strategy, execution and maintenance.


  • Local Occupational Health Clinic Identification, Qualification, Fee-for-Service  Negotiation, Program Coordination and Quality Assurance
  • On-site Clinic Qualification, Contract Negotiation, Program Coordination andQuality Assurance

An on-site clinic may actually save you money in the long run versus outsourcing locally or nationally.


  • Alcohol and Drug Testing / Medical Review
  • Pre-placement Occupational Health Assessment of New Hires
  • Fitness-for-Duty Determinations of Employees either returning from leave ofabsence or currently at work
  • OSHA Regulatory Medical Surveillance Program Implementatio and Management 
  • Clinical Review of Incident Work-relatedness

 Could this incident have been prevented through pre-assessments? Training?

 Is an alleged incident clinically plausible? Do you have to take the hit on your OSHA log?


  • Telephonic Assessment & Triage of Work-related Injuries
  • Emergency Medical Response / Automated External Defibrillator (EMR/AED) Program Development and Implementation
  • Foreign Travel Immunization Recommendations / Duty of Care Medical AssistanceCoordination
  • Medical Record Maintenance and Security
  • Annual Budget Preparation


How are you assessing your ROI?


  • Merger and Acquisition Integration
  • Educational and Training Presentations
  • Participation in Quality Improvement / Risk Management Activities for Work Groups,Teams, Committees or Boards