"Dr. Berley was an invaluable member of the Pactiv Sr Management team and led our efforts to control and drive down occupational health costs throughout our twelve thousand person organization. We saved millions of dollars by using the processes he developed to screen new hires, establish a network of nurses and physicians to aggressively manage employee injuries in order to get employees back to work and negotiate effective low cost insurance and healthcare programs. Through his leadership we went from one of the highest injury rate and highest cost workforces in our industry to the lowest in each category.


Dr. Berley is a proven expert in his field and a leader that will help your team successfully solve the complicated problems incurred in delivering effective, low cost employee health programs."


Richard Wambold, Chairman, CEO Pactiv Corporation



"Dr. Berley brings a unique and highly effective perspective to his work.  He uses professional clinical understanding, business acumen, and deep, aggressive analysis of data and metrics to implement and manage programs that return real, measurable results.  Combined with Joe's deep concern for individual patients and ability to help individuals make life changing health and wellness choices, the outstanding outcomes achieved helped our company save money, increase employee engagement and positively impact the health, safety and well-being of all of our team members and their families."


Mike Aldrich, Senior Vice President, Human Resources & Organizational Development, Optimum Nutrition, Inc

"I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Berley for several years in the workers’ compensation field, and through his expertise we were able to significantly reduce the overall cost of a client company's workers compensation program. This was accomplished on multiple levels. Dr. Berley was able to identify and implement a telephonic triage program that afforded injured workers the opportunity to receive assessments of their injuries in a timely manner. This allowed for conservative care measures to be initiated in appropriate situations while the employee was at work, thereby preventing more costly medical care and unnecessary lost-time. When additional care was indicated, Dr. Berley coordinated the development of a medical network to assist in returning injured employees back to work in a more timely manner. Dr. Berley was of great assistance in preventing erroneous claims by organizing multiple plant visits with local doctors in order for them to better understand the locations operations and employee job duties. He also was instrumental in implementation of preferred provider programs for pharmacy and diagnostic services whereby injured employees were able to obtain medications or diagnostic studies in a timely and cost effective manner. Needless to say, our clients and our firm benefited greatly from our ability to work with Dr. Berley. He is truly one of a kind in this field."


Bill Gordon Workers' Compensation Claims/Risk Management for 40 Years


"All levels of employees from the CEO to the line supervisor sought Joe's advice and counsel due to his attitude, work ethic and knowledge base. He is a solution oriented executive/occupational health physician that did much to guide management through a variety of issues that would have otherwise created significant work-related problems, costs and/or legal issues for our company. If I were to return to the workplace, Joe is the first person I would seek to join me."


Henry M. Wells, III, Chief Human Resources Officer (Retired), Pactiv Corporation

"I have known and worked with Dr. Joe Berley for over 12 years and highly recommend him to anyone seeking the services of an experienced, well qualified but practical Occupational Health Physician.  As Safety Director for a $4 billion food service and consumer packaging company responsible for over 10,000 employees, I relied heavily on Dr. Berley’s advice on many strategic and tactical issues that arose during the time we worked together in lowering injury and illness rates and corresponding workers compensation costs.  These issues ranged from helping the re-constructing of our workers compensation management processes, determining medical qualification criteria for operators of powered industrial trucks, and “post incident” drug testing and return to work policies, to day-to-day resolution of work-relatedness of workplace injuries and illness cases.  Dr. Berley was a key partner in our success in driving total recordable case rates down by over 70% and achieving a cumulative savings of $16 million in the last 10 years (2001-2011).


I can also attest to the fact that Dr. Berley is one of the easiest person’s to collaborate with, seeks practical solutions and was a pleasure to work with, even on sensitive and time-critical issues.  Again, you would be fortunate to secure the services of Dr. Joe Berley."



Jim McHenry , Global Safety Director,  McDonald's Corporation  



"Dr. Joe Berley is an innovative leader in the Occupational Health field. His professionalism teamed with his strategic vision, and positive personality set him apart from any Occupational leader I've worked with."

Tony Huffman,  Safety, Health, and Environmental Manager, Cytec Industries


"Dr. Berley's clinical expertise and extensive knowledge regarding health-related benefits programs has proven to be extremely beneficial in assisting business with navigation of the challenging and ever-changing health & wellness arena. He has a great understanding of all aspects associated with the health-related benefits supply chain and focuses on what may work best for individual employers and their employees/dependents concerning the areas of health benefits design and communication, pharmacy benefits management, wellness incentives and initiatives, medical case/condition management, and travel medical support. He is also a strong proponent of integrating all health-related business functions and benefits - human resources, workplace safety, health and disability insurance, employee assistance programs (EAP), workers' comp, and FMLA - in order to maximize engagement, outcomes, and productivity while reducing costs.


Dr. Berley is a tremendous asset to any organization looking for guidance and direction in their health-related benefits programs"


Judith Hearn, Board Member, Midwest Business Group on Health